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Rosehip series

Rosehip series is good to use twice a day in the morning and night time.

Rosehip soap: First make the foam and wash gently to soften your face.

Rosehip lotion: Soften your skin by applying 3 drops of lotion to face.

Rosehip Cream: Moisturizes your skin by applying 5 mm pearl size of cream to face

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Unique Selling Point

Rosehip series is rich in vitamin C, moisture skin ingredients soften skin dullness and lead to the bright face skin. Ultimate handmade soap kneaded for 40 minutes and then dried for about a month. Skin lotion does not use water and alcohol. Its extracts are made by low-temperature vacuum distillation method using white birch sap, with no preservatives or other additives. The subtle scent of rose oil and geranium oil is attractive. Rosehip cream combines Rosehip Extract with selected beeswax and pure jojoba oil.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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