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“Honey Vintage”(Mongolia pure honey)

In Mongolia, nature has been preserved largely untouched.

There is a special place blooming variety of flowers in Northern Mongolia.

This time, we won the distributorship of high-quality honey collected in that area.

It is difficult to produce this honey in large quantities because of the family unit beekeeping, and it has never been exported abroad officially before.

Our brand “Honey Vintage” (that always provides our customer pure honey) exclusively imports and sells rare and high quality honey in cooperation with the Mongolian chamber of commerce and industry.

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Unique Selling Point

We can feel the herbal incense from this honey.
When you eat this honey, its taste and smell stands out like marmalade or apricot jam.
And it remains for a while in the mouth. 
Because this honey isn’t peculiar flavor, it is not only just eat but can be used as substitutes for sugar of cooking.
The person who is weak in honey is eaten without resistance

*This honey is authorized as "natural honey" by the examination of import of Japan.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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