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Diaper and wipe case(Msize)black stripe

A diaper pouch that can shorten the time to change a diaper by 20 seconds “Ecriture Diaper Pouch” is a popular product among mothers who raise children that have been featured in the Rakuten Ranking regularly.
This product was born from the idea of our store manager and is great for: ・Those who want to organize the childcare items in a compact bag!

・ Those who wish to shorten the time required to change diapers when going out
・ Those who need a stylish and cute little pouch that is easy to use.

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Unique Selling Point

You can attach a “bitatto” on the pouch, which will prevent even the last wet wipe from drying out and allow you to take out the diapers and wipes easily. Plastic bags and accessories can be stored in the back pocket. Equipped with a handle that can be opened and closed with a snap button, this product can be conveniently attached to the stroller for ease of carrying around. You can easily change your child's diapers with this pouch when you go out! In addition, a special film tag with excellent deodorizing and antibacterial properties is sewn onto the diaper case, creating an even more functional diaper storage! ■ Odor removal and prevention mechanism of Deodorant Name R A safe and excellent deodorizing agent made of inorganic materials adsorbs various odors to neutralize and remove odor-causing components. Since the ingredient is incorporated into the film, it is water-resistant and can maintain its function even under a wet condition.

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