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diaper and wipe case(L size)

This product is a diaper pouch that can hold large clutches in response to customers who “want to keep clothes, milk, diapers, etc. in one container”.
This large but light pouch can be used to keep a lot of different things and is equipped with a “mesh pocket to see the things inside”, providing convenience to mothers.

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Unique Selling Point

Please keep everything tidily this pouch to prevent unwanted problems when you go out, such as, "Milk bottle! Milk! Where are the clothes?! I forgot to bring the wet wipes!" This diaper pouch is equipped with a “deodorant name” that provides deodorizing and antibacterial functions against odor-causing components, such as ammonia, to prevent things like, "I can't find the place to throw away used diapers!", “Oh, I forgot the plastic bag!” ■ Odor removal and prevention mechanism of Deodorant Name R A safe and excellent deodorizing agent made of inorganic materials adsorbs various odors to neutralize and remove odor-causing components. Since the ingredient is incorporated into the film, it is water-resistant and can maintain its function even under a wet condition.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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