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D-SPEACE Wash Mist

Just spray one second when the smell and itching was worrisome.
Soybean-derived component that leads to clean skin environment, soybean oil fatty acids, for us to comfortably sensitive skin.

・Aerosol type that can be used in the upside-down.
・Diameter 35mm × height 80mm, and capacity 35g, convenient compact size to carry.
・It is not greasy and fresh of feeling of use.
・Spray with carbon dioxide gas help the Tour of the body and support a healthy skin development.
・Produce your skin with scent of soap as Freshy-washed skin.
・Not using paraben witch is strong stimulation to the skin.

[How to use]
Away from the skin about 20cm, please spray the place to be worried about.
Spray orientation when used in the horizontal state (the state was defeated just beside), it may only gas to exit earlier.

[All Components]
Water, pentylene glycol, citric acid, citric acid Na, soybean oil fatty acid, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, BG, perfume, peony root extract, jujube fruit extract, centifolia flower extract, licorice root extract, Scutellaria root extract , nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydroxide K, phenoxyethanol

[Site of Available]
・Whole body
・Thin skin and delicate skin
・Facial skin(excluding eye,moutht,nose)

[Recommended use site]
・easily stuffiness parts and parts whitch bacteria easily breed
・plarts where the smell is likely to be worried about like as intimate area,arm pit,neck…etc

●When you throw away Please keep out of reach of children
●unplug the gas by pressing the button in the absence of fire outdoors until spray sound disappears, please discard according to local rules
●Please often warn whether there isn’t abnormality in a surface on your skin and then use.
●When cosmetics doesn’t match skin, that is in below case,please cancel to come use.
●When you will continue to use of cosmetics in such case, there will be possible to aggravates the symptoms. So we recommend to consult dermatologists.
(1) In the case when Redness,Swelling,Itch,Stimulus,Missing colors (such as white spots),and Blackheads will occure during using
(2) In case when the used skin will exposed to the direct sunlight, and then unusualness like the above showed.
※ Please don’t use the time with abnormality when bruises are a swelling and eczema, etc..

“Note the high temperature”
For dangerous If you are using a high-pressure gas, to protect the note below.
・ Don’t put in the place where is more over 40 degrees such as place where direct sunlight hit or near fire, because there is a danger that the rupture at high temperature・Don’t put in fire. ・ Discharge after used up.
High-pressure gas: nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas

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Unique Selling Point

Great points of this lotion is that you can care quickly smell and itching.
In addition, this lotion is gentle and safe to the delicate skin such as intimate area, arm-pit...etc.
And more, it is very big attraction that you can care skin care with just only spray-push.
It can be mobile to go, because it is small and portable.
You can use this cosmetic on your whole body skin or facial skin, but we recommend to use on sensitive skin such as sesitive area.
It was published in ,agazine as clinic doctor recommended cosmetics.
It is a cosmetic that we can recommend with confidence

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's / 50's
Sales Channel
EC Store / Salon

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