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Our mission is to save you time and money for the important things in life!

Register an ID for free. The latest technologies and many Japanese high quality products that were undiscovered are now at your fingertips! Order anytime, from anywhere via our site. Sample of products can be provided to you within 1 WEEK. We will connect you directly to the supplier and support your negotiations. Request the help of procurement services when things you want are not on the site. We will respond within 24 HOURS. Any product requests can be accepted! Great service starts with a great team. COUXU is selective in hiring hard-working, dedicated international employees who naturally focus on doing the best for our customers.

Meet the founder

In November of 2013, Akihiko Ohmura (the president of COUXU Corporation) founded COUXU with a simple mission – deliver information on great, high quality Japanese products to people around the world. And now, after a lot of hard work, challenges, and learning, we are currently dealing with 250 businesses from 31 countries around the world using our internal network of 2000 Japanese suppliers. We are here to save you from the difficulties in making time to retrieve product information or holding business meetings. By reducing unnecessary negotiation time, we provide you ONE MORE HOUR in your day. With the great team of not only Japanese staff members but also British, Korean, Hong Kong, Vietnamese, etc., we promise to answer all your needs as well as to bring you the feeling of satisfaction when doing business with us. We look forward to doing business with you! If you have any comments, suggestions or otherwise need to reach us, please email us at mail@25hoursbuyers.com at anytime! Sincerely, Akihiko Ohmura

Corporate Profile

Name COUXU Corporation
Established on 14th Nov,2013
Location 2-1-1-5F, Kandasudacho, chiyodaku, Tokyo, 101-0041, JAPAN
Contact number +81-3-5298-5190
Representative President Akihiko Ohmura