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Bactericide Clean

Intended use: sterilization and deodorant, such as excrement
How to use: from the object 20 to and release 30cm, please directly spray.

Intended use: deodorant of space
Usage: about 5-6 times for Japanese-style rooms of 6 mats (about 11 square meters), please stay away from the wall and ceiling at least 50 cm when spraying.


Prohibited matter:
• Please do not used in conjunction with, other chemicals.

• Please keep out of reach of children, hand.

• Please do not attempt to incinerate.

• Please do not use other than and application.

• This product is not a drink.

• Please do not let it get directly into your eyes and mouth.

• Please keep the product at room temperature or refrigerated, away from high temperature and direct sunlight.

• If something happens uncomfortably to your skin and eyes, please consult your doctor.

• If you accidentally drank the product, immediately rinse your mouth, drink water or milk, then please go to the doctor.

•Please rinse thoroughly with water after washing the kitchen supplies with this detergent, especially the ones that may be able to get in contact with your mouth.

• After use in the metal, please wipe the water.

• Please do not use the product directly to the precision machines.

• For fabric or cloth, in rare cases it may cause stains, so please try in a dark part.

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Unique Selling Point

1.Powerful bactericide: Colon bacillus 0157 and Bacillus Subtilis (Spore-forming Bacteria) are eliminated within 15 seconds and 30 minutes respectively.
2.Powerful deodorant: Chlorine dioxide and plant-derived ingredients are very effective in eliminating odors.
3. Safety and peace of mind: This product is not odorous, not corrosive, and does not decolourise.
・With chlorine dioxide being the main ingredient, there is no smell of chlorine or any pungent smell, making it a strong bactericide and deodorant that can be used with peace of mind.
・Chlorine dioxide is employed in the drinking water sterilization system in the U.S.A.
・The main ingredients are chlorine dioxide, plant-derived ingredients, surfactants and stabilizers.
・A concentration within safety limit (300 ppm)of stabilized chlorine dioxide is used which does not cause irritation to skin and the chlorine dioxide can be activated later.
・The condition can be kept for a long period of time (approx. 10 months)
・The fusion with plant-derived ingredients is our main aim of product development
・pH is close to that of skin ・International patent was applied on 2nd December 2014

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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