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Bactericide Fine

Add 3 liters of water to the machine and then 10ml of the cleansing fluid and mix.
Fill the rest of the tank with water.


① The machine will capture dirty air from its surroundings.
② A high speed drum spins the solution of chlorine dioxide. The high speed rotation pushes the solution against the walls of the drums, cleaning the dirty air.
③ The high speed rotation separates the liquid, allowing only the smallest particles of chlorine dioxide water to the top of the machine, larger, dirty particles fall to the bottom of the drum.
④ Ultraviolet rays activate the chlorine dioxide water mist.
⑤ The resulting chlorine dioxide mist has sterilization and odour-eliminating effects.


• By changing the amount of cleansing fluid added, the concentration of the chlorine dioxide mist can be modified (add more fluid for a stronger effect, less solution for milder effects).
• The dirty substances contained in the air reacts with the chlorine dioxide and is removed from the air.
• The machine can run for 12 to 13 hours on 1 fill of the tank.

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Unique Selling Point

You may feel uncomfortable with the smell of chlorine dioxide products (gel, etc.) but it is difficult to control the concentration, Bactericide Fine will be able to control the concentration at will.
And, to every corner of the room, it will adjust the concentration of chlorine dioxide at low safe level .

Bactericide Fine is the new concept of "sterilization and deodorant machine", the air purifier type which brings you a refreshing comfortable space, just like you are near a waterfall.

With the excellent natural purification power of original "water" and a powerful disinfectant and deodorant action of chlorine dioxide, it gets rid of the dust, bacteria, odor in the air; as well as generating negative ions and provides clean and crystal clear air.

The principle is, by passing the contaminated air into the water jet filter, indoor dust or dirt, and the bacteria, pollen brought into the room from the garden, it removes substances which can not be removed even in high-performance filter.

At the same time, water that has rebounded and is injected at high pressure, it becomes a very fine mist charged with negative ions.

The mist is activated with ultraviolet light supplied to the chamber.

"Chlorine dioxide" as used in Bactericide Fine is a common food-related chemical, has been developed for the purpose of sterilization and deodorant and cleaning of environmental cleanup, etc. in the US after hurricane Katrina.

In addition, this stabilizing chlorine dioxide, widely used in Europe and the United States, has been certified by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency).

The size is perfect for indoor use.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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