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Sanshiiru Indoor Bacteria Remover

Please use for sterilisation and deodorising hermetic warehouse or room.
This is Especially effective for handling garbage at hospitals or clinics, corrupted material with stench, conference room, hotel room, car, crematorium, restrooms, trash can, any kind of container, kitchen, refrigerator, shower room, shoes, fishy odor, animal odor, etc.
For the nature of chlorine dioxide, when storing this item, please keep it somewhere high.
(Please throw it away once the amount of Gel inside has decreased and became solid )
Do not mix with any other kind of chemical.
If this item got on the surface, please wash it off well with water and soap.
Do not place on textiles. It may affect its colour.
Do not throw this item into fire.
Do not use this item in the direct sunlight.
By exposing this item into sunlight, the chlorine dioxide will gasify and the efficacy decrease. So, please keep this item in the cool and shady place.
Do not expose this item to children.
Please handle with care and do not hurt the surface, or leave this laying sideways, or drop this item.
This item is not edible.
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Unique Selling Point

Sanshiiru Indoor Bacteria Remover is focused on ease of use such as stability, preservation, and less odor rather than instant effect.
The chlorine dioxide is kept unactivated in the gel, although it becomes active when you want to use it. (It is dissolved in slightly alkaline water, which is generally known as stabilised chlorine dioxide.)

The unnecessary corrosion and bleaching can be avoided, for this item only activates the chlorine dioxide by sticking a product that is around pH9.2, since the comfortable zone for bacterias to multiply is between 6.5pH to 8pH.

On the other hand, if you add chemicals like citric acid, the chlorine dioxide becomes active and you may gain instant effect, though as side effects, it also generates strong pungent odor, metal corrosion, or bleaching.

The normal use will not affect the container and the contents is highly stable, so it can be stored for long period of time.

The odour is close to none, so it can be safely used in the narrow space or hermetic space.

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