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Girl’s Maker – Eternity Line Mini

Durability of keeping the double-eyelid >>> 120%!!
– Ultra-fine brush gives you easy apply to the inner corner of eyes!
– Super Hard Gel stays long and tough!
– Transparent finish gives a look of natural Double-eyelids!

“Put on at night, have cut double-eyelid in next morning”

<How to use>
(1) Wipe off sweat and sebum on the eyelids before use.
(2) Apply evenly to the area where you want to create a double eyelid line with a width of appropriately 2mm.
(3) Use the eye stick (attachment) to press against the eyelid where you want to create the line, and then raise the eyelid.
(4) Open the eye slowly and confirm that the double eyelid is created.
(5) This product can be used before going to bed.

<Safety Precautions>
Discontinue using if you have abnormality on skin or if the product disagrees with your skin such as skin redness, swelling or irritation during use. Consult your dermatologist if necessary.
Avoid getting into eyes. In such case, immediately rinse eyes with water or worm water without rubbing eyes.
Keep out of infant’s reach.
Do not store the product at high or low temperature or in the direct sunlight.
Please be sure to close the container cap after use.

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Unique Selling Point

(1) Simply apply to the eyelids before sleeping to create the double eyelid. In the following morning, you will see your eyes bigger with double eyelid just like those of the fashion models.
This product can also be used during the day time. The double eyelid stays for 24 hours.

(2) Before applying this product, condition the eyelid skin, take care the swelling on eyes, create double eyelids with using the ultra-fine brush, and it’s done!

(3) The 0.1mm ultra-fine brush enables to draw the fine line to create double eyelid.

(4) The transparent hard type gel is resistant to water and skin sebum so that it will keep the double eyelid for long time.

(5) Contains serum ingredients, such as Elastin, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid, for 24-hour care on the eyelids.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
10 / 20's / 30's / 40's
Sales Channel
Shop / Department store / GMS / Supermarket / Home Improvement Retail Shop / Drug Store / EC Store

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