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VR White Pack

Using the Pack with Plant-based Placenta helps your skin look younger and healthier. And with pearl powder from genuine Japanese Akoya pearls, it stays on the skin after the Pack is done,leaving a luster for natural,whiter skin.
You can use it anywhere you like, for example, on arms, decollete, the back of the hand, and legs. You can see the surprising whiteness for yourself. Continue using this simple, easy Pack and you will have whiter, pearly-like skin with luster!

By using the pack regularly,the natural Japanese pearl powder and other ingredients such as whiter skin agents, adhere to the skin for a natural,whiter skin effect. The pearl powder also protects the skin by blocking UV rays for a gentler way to whiter skin. Recommended to use everyday.Whitening agents or ultraviolet absorbers are not used.

★Whitish powder that may have stuck on can be washed off with soap
★Recommended to be used together with sun block.

[How to use]
・On clean skin, wipe of any excess water and apply enough to cover the skin and leave the pack on for about 5 to 10 minuites.
・Before it dries completely, use water or lukewarm water to wash it off.
・Recommended for parts of the body readily exposed like the decollete arms and back of the hands, etc.
・Use just enough so that you can still see the skin through the pack.
・You might feel a tingling sensation. That is the ion effect from the pack.
・After using the pack, you can use your normal skin care products.

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