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Composition : 100% Cotton
Size : 53cm×53cm

Product description: Our handkerchiefs are made of soft gauze-voile fabric, featuring unique-print textiles and various trimming designs.
We always have over 100 designs available.
The large, practical design could be used in many ways other than as a handkerchief.
It could be used from fashion accessories to interior accessories, for example; use as a cloth to wrap your lunch box, to wrap and cover a tissue box, as a ribbon to arrange your hair-style, as a scarf around your neck, as a bandana, hang in front of a window as a cafe curtain, blinding shelves, hang on the wall like a tapestry, and so on.

Therefore, various suggestion and displays are possible at the shop.

Attention : Please accept the colour unevenness and printing misalignment as the characteristic of the silk-screen printing.
Also, woven irregularity and knotted yarn are the characteristic of hand-woven textile.

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Unique Selling Point

moremore. brand is for wide range of people, providing casual and comfortable products for habitual use.
All the items are easy to match with various types of clothing and accessories.
moremore. is always full of playful mind.
Supporting your every day life to be more and more happy.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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