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Embroidery Bag

Composition : 55% Linen/ 45% Polyester
Size : 40×40cm
Handle length : 50cm

Product description : Vivid colour embroidery tote bag.
Delicate lines and shadows of the images have been finely reproduced by high-quality embroidery.
This is one of our standard series.
New attractive designs will be released on a regular basis.

Attention : Due to the characteristic of the fabric and also depending on part of the fabric used, there will be individual difference of position of the pattern.

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Unique Selling Point

moremore. brand is for wide range of people, providing casual and comfortable products for habitual use.
All the items are easy to match with various types of clothing and accessories.
moremore. is always full of playful mind.
Supporting your every day life to be more and more happy.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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