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Skirt Antique Flower

Composition : 100% Cotton (Cotton Voile) Lining: 100% Cotton (Cotton Voile)
Body length : 68cm

Product description : Soft flowing skirt with vintage-taste flower print.
Coloration is easy to adopt for natural style fashion.

Attention : Please accept the colour unevenness and printing misalignment as the characteristic of the silk-screen printing.
Also, woven irregularity and knotted yarn are the characteristic of hand-woven textile.

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Unique Selling Point

Supporting unaffected and relaxing every-day-life-
Our KILKI brand makes you happy just by wearing them.
Experience the folksy design that you could chuckle and the soft relaxing comfort.
Most KILKI products are made in India
The softness of the material and the vivid printing technique, that Jaipur city specializes in, could express the charm of KILKI most.
Each one of our textiles has different texture and expression from misalignment and slight blurring of the print.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's
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Shop / Select Shop / EC Store

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