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Hasami ware ceramic coffee filter

Cerafil has countless holes as small as 50 microns (about the size of a hair) to remove the odor and impurities that can be found in water.

The effect of far-infrared radiation makes coffee and alcohol easier to drink.

No paper filters are required.

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Unique Selling Point

Even the baristas rave about it! By using a ceramic filter, you can enjoy the original flavor of the beans because the oil content of the beans comes out, and the oil content, which is the umami component of the coffee beans, passes through well by the effect of the exquisite eye (hole) which is a little larger than the paper filter. This is the secret of its deliciousness. In addition, by filtering water, tea, tea, and alcohol, it becomes mellow and easier to drink, because it removes the smell of calcium and impurities contained in the water.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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