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Freshly Squeezed Vegetable Juice

This product is 100% produced from a total of 9 types of fresh green and yellow vegetables. Our own unique ‘Low temperature spray-dry procedure’ turns the fresh vegetables into powder without heating, and therefore easily-heat-destructible nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes can be extracted as they are without being destroyed. When this powder is dissolved, the beer-like foam formed is the proof of the enzyme still being alive.

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Unique Selling Point

This is our own original product.
A total of 9 types of fresh vegetables are used as the ingredients, which are all cultivated by our contracted farmers.
Our unique low-temperature-spray-dry-procedure is employed in order not to destroy enzymes in vegetables.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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20's / 30's / 40's / 50's / 60's
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Drug Store / EC Store

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