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CULTURE MART Leather Smart Phone Case

A smart case that you can enjoy secular change, for authentic school.
Made in Japan safe, using cowhide tanning tanning leather that is easy to familiar with hands.
Size that 4.7 inch smartphones such as iphone 6, 6 s, iphone 7 and so on enter perfectly.
It has a large hook that can be attached to a belt loop and so on.
For those who have less luggage, put your wallet in your pocket and just hang this case on the belt OK to go out.
It is a smartphone case that you can taste yourself just enough to use it if you use it.
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Unique Selling Point

“CULTURE MART” has the motif to advertise design, the company logo, road signature etc., and promote the manufacturers which sells bag, mesh cap, interior miscellaneous goods. The brand of Culture Mart is an American casual design that everyone loves, can improve the atmosphere of the room and make life fun.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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20's / 30's / 40's / 50's
Man / Woman
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Shop / Home Improvement Retail Shop / Select Shop / EC Store

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