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Popular DINER series appears with a tissue cover!
“Diner” series which imagined the drive-in in the United States and was made.
This time, It become a tissue cover and it is an appearance!
A color is all the 3 colors of black navy gray.
The design from which the red “DINER” logo in a dark color becomes an accent.
I gave one wash processing to the thick cotton cloth of ecru from the state used as the product.
You can use with the tissue cover with a strap of the Velcro type, hooking at various places, such as a headrest of a car, a refrigerator, the surface of a wall.
Since Velcro reaches the back, wearing is also easy.
I liven up up the room casually!
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Unique Selling Point

“CULTURE MART” has the motif to advertise design, the company logo, road signature etc., and promote the manufacturers which sells bag, mesh cap, interior miscellaneous goods. The brand of Culture Mart is an American casual design that everyone loves, can improve the atmosphere of the room and make life fun.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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