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A popular shoehorn key-ring appears by a leather version with a high-class feeling!
The shoehorn key-ring popular also at our shop made from Japanese-made brass.
This time, I appeared by the product made from leather which can enjoy the taste different from brass!
The design which put the original engraved mark into natural cowhide.
The concho button of big brass also serves as the point.
Since the taste comes out so that a leather and a brass part are used, I can enjoy my taste.
Since the shoehorn made from brass is contained inside the leather, sense of stability is a cinch.
Do attach together with the key of a car or a house do feel easy also about a destination and wear shoes?
It is a key case which also has design nature as well as the practicality as a “shoehorn.”
Since it is a product made from a leather with a high-class feeling, it is a recommendation also at a gift!
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Unique Selling Point

This is the quality goods which the Japanese leather craftsman made. These leather goods become a touch better as it uses.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's
Sales Channel
Shop / Select Shop / EC Store

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