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Clean Shu! Shu!

Feature:100% of electrolysis alkali ion water. The production system is patented in both Japan and United States.
1. It is a cleaner which is safe to people and environment.
2. It has an excellent cleaning and sterilizing power with pH 12.5 level.
3. Sterilizing O-157 and Salmonella in 30 seconds.
3. It is unnecessary to wipe twice . The remaining portion evaporates like a water.
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Unique Selling Point

※It has an excellent sterilizing power with pH 12.5 level.
※Sterilizing O-157 and Salmonella in 30 seconds.
※Since the salt is not included, it does not cause a rust.
※As Clean shu!shu! does not contain any alcohol, it doesn’t damage plastic.
※As it doesn’t contain any surfactant either, it is harmless to a human body.
※The quality of Clean shu!shu! is guaranteed for five years after wrapping. It keeps effect more than six months after the beginning to use.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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