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WOX 500ml Oxygen Liquid

WOX is oxygen water essential for your health and beauty.
The human body consists of abut 60 trillion cells. All cells need “oxygen” to produce energy to be active.
Less oxygen in your body means less power.
Some cells are sleeping because of lack of oxygen, which might cause skin trouble such as rough skin and wrinkles. It is necessary to send oxygen in an epidermal cell to promote a turnover.
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Unique Selling Point

1. Pure oxygen is dissolved into pure H2O with the original DDS technology.*DDS....Dimensional Delivery System.
2. The particles are so small that you can get oxygen to the every corner of the cell with the original DDS technology.
3. Not like other products, WOX has sufficient level of oxygen dissolved after 30 days of opening the bottle.
4. There is a signifficant increase in the blood oxygen level(SpO2). *SpO2....Arterial oxygen saturation.

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