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Chiezo is Japanese wooden sandal which was born from Chieko Nagasue’s strong policy “Want to expand excellent Japanese culture over the world”

Chiezo is sold on most of Japanese big departments,

such as “Takashimaya”, “Isetan” “Mitsukoshi” , “Daimaru” so on..
Chiezo is fully grant such a women’s wishes (Healthy, Comfortable and beautiful)
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Unique Selling Point

1. To realize 'Healthy & Comfortable" by natural curved design. The wooden base of Chiezo was designed to have natural shape in order to fit on feet as a result of pursue a design based on human engineering. It helps to show your original function of feet by wearing Chiezo. You don't have any stress and fatigue even you wear it for long time because of natural curved design fit your feet. 2. Wide wooden base and strap wrap the whole your feet Wide strap can hold if your foot is even high instep and having bunion. It also support your suitable and comfortable walking. 3. The warmth of wood You can feel the warmth of natural wood when you wear Chiezo. Also you become very comfortable feeling because Chiezo is typically hand made one by one. It made your feet very elegance by using natural wood. 4. Fashion You can enjoy to choice the fabric of strap in much colorful pattern (Japanese fabric, Liberty Print fabric, simple color fabric etc.) for your style. Chiezo's heights of heel type can be choiced in 4cm and 6cm. It express you more feminine.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's / 50's / 60's
Sales Channel
Shop / Department store / Select Shop / EC Store / TV Shopping

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