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The Miracle Toothbrush

The unique pyramid shape of the patented technology fits perfectly between the teeth.
It efficiently removes invisible stains from teeth and gums.
It is a revolutionary toothbrush that leaves no residue on the teeth.


[The key points of the miracle toothbrush]
Handle that fits your hand!
The head fits the back of the teeth without difficulty.
The thick grip is easy to hold.
The thick grip makes it easy to hold.
Pyramid shape
The pyramid shape fits the space between the teeth. The pyramid shape fits the gap between the teeth and gently removes stains.


[Recommended for the following people]
For people whose teeth feel rough even when they brush thoroughly.
Those who feel sticky in the mouth even after brushing.
For people with badly aligned teeth or during orthodontic treatment.
For children’s teeth brushing.


Introduction Video: https://alhop240.itembox.design/item/kisekinohaburashi.mp4?t=20201209113204#t=118

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Unique Selling Point

The pyramid-shaped brush fits perfectly between the teeth.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
Man / Woman

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