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Intraoral Massage Oral Esthetics

There are many important muscles in the face.
Oral Esthetics is an easy and quick way to train them.


It stimulates the facial muscles with about 22,000 vibration strokes per minute. The facial muscles are located close to the inside of the face, so an oral approach is effective.
The massage head is almost as soft as the belly of a finger.
The massage head is almost as soft as a finger’s stomach and stimulates the oral cavity comfortably.
Since both sides of the head can be used, facial muscles and gums can be cared for at the same time.


We recommend using it for about 5 minutes per use.


[Recommended for the following people]
People who tend to have stiff facial muscles.
People who tend to sleep in the same direction.
For those who are concerned about lines on their face.


Introduction Video: https://alhop240.itembox.design/item/oralesthe_01.mp4?t=20201203155322

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With approximately 22,000 vibrations per minute, it can approach facial muscles from within the mouth.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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