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  • SBS1601-30

E Ceramic Series E Ceramic Nagiri Kitchen Knife 14cm Orange FOR-012


Shape of the edge: Double ground
Blade: Ceramic, white
Handle: PP (Polypropylene) orange

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Unique Selling Point

Ceramic is a noticeable material for a new generation of kitchen knives. A light and sharp material. 
Besides, kitchen knives from Sakura sera series are high density = high wear resistance based on their unique technique. 
It keeps its sharpness 200 times longer than stainless steel! 
Moreover, it doesn’t change colors and tastes of food because it doesn’t have a metallic taste. 
It’s great for vegetables, sashimi, citrus fruits and other raw foodstuff. ]
Comparing super ceramics made by compressed method to ceramics made by sheet method, super ceramics’ wear resistance is five times more higher than other ceramics. It was proved by Catra’s experiment.
It was proved that super ceramics are made by a method that uses about 10 times higher pressure than other companies’ ones. (About 3t of high pressure per 1 ㎠.)

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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