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Drip Top Variety Pack MMC-001


Coffee beans
Blue Mountain Blend (Jamaica, Brazil etc.)
Brazilian Bend (Brazil, Colombia etc.)
Kilimanjaro Blend (Tanzania, Colombia etc.)
Colombian Blend (Colombia, Brazil etc.)
Mocha Blend (Ethiopia, Brazil etc.)

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Unique Selling Point

Comparing the taste of coffee in the world
 ●Blue Mountain Blend (Jamaice)
These coffee beans are grown at the altitude of 800 ~ 1200 m of Blue Mountains in Jamaica. It’s a well-balanced high-class blend.
 ●Brazilian Brend (Brazil)
These beans are popular as a base for a blend. It has a light taste that is easy to drink.
●Kilimanjaro Blend (Tanzania)
These beans are grown in Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. You can enjoy strong acidity and body. 
●Colombian Blend (Colombia)
It’s a byword of mild coffee. Enjoy its mild acidity.
●Mocha Blend (Ethiopia, Yemen)
 This product is made from Ethiopian coffee beans. It has rich flavor and fruity acidity. 

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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