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  • SBS1601-42

Yasuragi Jurin Jueki Sheet THT-036


Vegetable fiber, Powdered sap extract, Powdered plant extract (powdered chameleon plant), Chitosan, hinokitiol

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Unique Selling Point

●The sole of a foot is called a second heart in the oriental medicine world because it has an influence on blood circulation.
●“Yasuragi jurin tennen Jueki sheet series” absorbs water, and the white powder in it changes brown solid.
●Put it on your soles of feet to refresh before sleeping!
●Once you put the sheet on the soles of your feet, effete matters ooze out from your body.
●When you are tired from work or housework! After walking! After playing a sport! After wearing high heels!
It contains organic hinokitiol. What is hinokitiol?
It’s a light yellow or white crystal from of Taiwanese or Japanese hinoki oil that smells like hinoki. Hinokitiol has bactericidal action and anti-inflammatory action; besides, it easily filters down through your skin and normalizes the metabolism of your cells. So it’s considered as a great cell activator.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)


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