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  • SBS1601-50

Honjozo Yamashiratama Tokkyu Soy Sauce 1.8L SSC-004


Defatted soybeans (GM-free), Wheat, Salt, Soybeans (GM-free), Alcohol, Seasoning (nucleic acid), Sweetener (licorice, stevia)

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Unique Selling Point

Your delicious partner at cooking, Enjoy the great flavor of Tokkyu soy sauce
It’s preservative-free. Store it in a cool, dark place before you open it. Keep refrigerated after opening.
*The unit price includes the custom fee in Japan. Comparing with other products, its amount and price are small, so the percentage of the custom fee is high and the unit price is more expensive than MSRP. Thank you for your understanding.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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