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Honjozo Yamashiratama Tokusen Soy Sauce 1L SSC-006


Defatted soybeans (GM-free), Wheat, Salt, Alcohol, Seasoning (nucleic acid)

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Unique Selling Point

Enjoy it with over 140-year history casually.
Yamashiratama tokusen soy sauce is made with good-quality water of Oi River from Akaishi Mountains and carefully selected soybeans and wheat. This painstaking soy sauce brings out the good tastes of other ingredients. Enjoy its rich taste and flavor.
It’s preservative-free. Store it in a cool, dark place before you open it. Keep refrigerated after opening. The tsuke soy sauce division of the 10th Shizuoka soy sauce show “Consumer Award”

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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