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  • SBS1601-69

Aroma Jueki Sheet Lavender 2 Sheets KKB-01603


Agaricus, Tourmaline, Chitosan, Wood vinegar, Starch, Perfume

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Unique Selling Point

Sweet lavender aroma makes you physically and mentally relax.
Sleep well with lavender aroma. The sap power wake you up comfortably!
How to use
◎Stick the non-porous face of the sap sheet on the center of the sticky side of the main sheet.
◎Stick it to the soles of your clean feet after taking a shower.
◎This is single-use because of functional and hygiene reasons. (When it gets hard or changes its color and gets stickier, put a new one.)
◎Remove the sheet and rinse it with water or wipe the soles of your feet with wet towel after using it.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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