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Kuma Non Sheet (With A Case) 6 Sheets KKB-026

Removes dark rings while you are sleeping!

For you who has dark rings under your eyes.

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Unique Selling Point

◎It’s easy to use. Just put it on desired areas on your face.
◎Put it when you go to bed and see the effect in the morning!
◎It works for wrinkles on the corner of your eyes, nasolabial fold and sags in your face!
◎It contains a new patented material “i-PONT”
How to use
1.Facial cleansing and treatment
Prepare your skin with milky lotion, moisturizing cream etc.
2、Put the sheet on a desired area of your face
Put it under your eyes, corner of your eyes etc. Be careful not to stick it on your eyelash. 
3.Keep it in the case
You can use it repeatedly until it loses its stickiness.
◎It contains a new patented material “i-PONT”
*Please keep the release paper and use it when you keep the sheet.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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