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  • SBS1601-74

Air Doctor Portable KKB-028


Sodium chlorite, Natural zeolite

Main part: ABS resin
Metal: Steel
Belt: Polyethylene

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Unique Selling Point

When you worry about virus, germs and smell
Oxidation of CO2 for virus, germs and bad smells *
Name tag type (with a clip) Clip-on whenever you want
*The effect is under the condition the manufacturer provided (enclosed space)
The effect is influenced by the environment.  
You might not see the effect because of airflow, environment etc.
This product does not remove all virus, germs and mold in the room. 
Nowadays, some newspapers and TV programs report safety of portable antibacterial products in Japan
This product does not contain sodium hypochlorite.
The main ingredient of this product, solid chlorine dioxide is certified as A-1 by FDA in the United States.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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