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  • SBS1601-83

Aroma Mosquito Coil (Japanese Hydrangea) KKB-038

This aroma lets you feel the air after raining.



Sodium dehydroacetate, Fragrance, Blue No.1, Yellow No.4 and 3 more ingredients


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Unique Selling Point

◎This is an incense-like mosquito coil with subtle aroma. You can use the cute coil anywhere you like.
◎It burns out in 2 hours, so it’s useful as single-use.
How to use
It combines 2 coils, so separate them before using it.
①Separate them. Point the edge of the coil toward the ground and light it. Do not light more than two points.
②Make the coil holder perpendicular and insert the coil into the holder horizontally.
③When the coil breaks, insert the edge of the coil into the holder. (Clear away the ash each time after using.)

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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