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Insect Buster (虫行止め: Insect repellent)

This prevents the entry of insects and rats.
This is not for the purpose of killing insects, it aims to make an environment in which no insects and rats.
It has been developed for the purpose to be used in place of food-related.
About material;
The main raw material is Neem derived from natural plant.
All other Aroma raw materials are derived from plants.
It is harmless to the human body.
This insecticide is faint scent.
How to;
Please fill in the exchange date and installation date.
Please press strongly the part in which the liquid is visible.
Active ingredient will evaporate from the back side.
Effect range is 3 ㎡.
Please be installed in the vicinity of the place to come closer insects and rats.
Effect period of this product is 30 days.
Use Always.
To prohibitions : To drink, To eat
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Unique Selling Point

Our product is constant concentration of azadirachtin (AZA), which is an active ingredient. AZA is harmless to the human body. The azadirachtin there are the following effects. Insect control by growth inhibition Active ingredients lose the balance of the hormone of insects and blocks a transformation. An ecology cycle is out of order and it becomes impossible for the insect to breed.

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