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Sake Aizu Bandaisan Komedakenosake

This sake is made only from rice with a pleasant flavor.

A refreshing taste, recommended at room temperature.

This sake goes down the throat nicely when warmed as well, with no lingering stickiness in the mouth.

・ In a land optimal for sake, this is high quality sake born from an uncompromising dedication to the art of brewing.

・ A high quality sake, made with only rice, water and koji(malted rice), born from an uncompromising dedication to the art of brewing.

・ Born from refined technique and a relentless pursuit of the perfect rice-polishing ratio.

・ Born from production management relentlessly dedicated to creating the perfect moment of drinking.

・ Alcohol content 13.3%

* Shipping fees charged separately and will vary by region

* Kept at room temperature, but should be stored in a cool location after opening.

* Based on determination of measurements and spectrum analysis, respective cesium yields of 134 and 137 were determined, resulting in a conclusion of non-detection.


“Komedakenosake” contains 12.3% polished rice. It cannot strictly be called a junmai shu.

However, no ingredients other than rice are used. And so, we have named this “Komedakenosake.”

It is much easier to drink than regular junmai shu sakes.

Of course, no additives such as distilled alcohol or sweeteners have been added, and just like the name says, it is a sake made only with rice.

It is also priced reasonably too.

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Unique Selling Point

Point 1
"KOMEDAKENOSAKE" is Now on sale anywhere in Japan's Number One Supermarket chain stores.
Of course, top class sales performance in Japan. So, you can sell with confidence.

Point 2
Cost reduction because it is mass production.
Now a days, this sake cellar is 20th(Production volume) in Japan.
But, This sake cellar is Number One company in does not use the TV commercials

Point 3
It is not a special delicious sake. Like a DAIGINJYOU.
But, The most delicious wine at reasonably priced.
It has not developed for Special day.
It is "for Every day" "for Every food" "for Every one" .

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's / 50's / 60's
Man / Woman
Sales Channel
Shop / Department store / GMS / Supermarket / Home Improvement Retail Shop / Drug Store / Discount Store / Wholesale Club

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