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“Tweezer of surprise”

It does not let it go when gripping it once!!
Round type ahead!!
The hit of the skin is gentle.!!
It is the best for the maintenance of a delicate part.!!
It comes off any angle.!!

-Product Name : “Tweezer of surprise”
-Product Number : GT-221
-Minimum Order Quantity : 100pcs
-FOB price : USD8/piece
-Delivery time : We will send your order as soon as we receive your payment.
-Payment terms : 100% advanced by T/T

-Body : 13cr Stainless steel
-Spring : 18-8 Stainless steel
-Weight : 16g
-Length : 94mm

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Unique Selling Point

It is possible to use it by a new structure because of very light touch.

It matches it ahead, and the part is surely fit and a sticking structure.

A thin hair and a fat hair are firmly caught in respect, it does not separate, it is possible not to do easily on the way, and it is possible to pull it out smoothly.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's / 50's
Sales Channel
Department store / Wholesale Club / Select Shop

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