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Laggie Moist Rich Shampoo

It is non-silicon shampoo, can be easily washed by bubble that was particular about a surfactant of the washing ingredient with moisture.

It is recommended for people who is worrying about ”hair loss”, “dry hair” and “damaged hair”.

After washing it away, you can realize your hair got moisturized.

By the combination of three kinds of natural butter and four kinds of natural oil, this product help a lot in moisturizing your hair.

Enjoy your bath time in sweetness with the elegance smell of the product.

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Unique Selling Point

By natural oligosaccharide raffinose combination superior in internal humidity retention characteristics, hair is gathered up until the next morning.

There is no shampoo to be enriched from low price without a creak to here elsewhere.

It is the series equivalent to a person of the high damage.

It is the product which shined in the first place in cosmetics, beauty word of mouth site @cosmetics of the biggest in Japan in a shampoo conditioner section in 2014.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's
Sales Channel
Shop / Drug Store / EC Store / Salon

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