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Laggie Scalp Spa Shampoo Pump Type

It is scalp shampoo of the non-shilicon prescription that can easily realize a spa at home.

It made healing and repair in a concept.

They combine the sea mud which they adsorb a dirt and the sebum of your scalp, and is eliminated.

In addition, It give a scalp and hair attention, moisture by coenzyme Q10 combination and lead it to the silky hair cleary.

The fragrance of the fruity boquet is refreshing and is heald.

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Unique Selling Point

It combine the Han grass extract which there is a warm and cool effect in to gradually unite the skin, and to tighten. Therefore, some skin become warm and give a feeling with being chilly cleanly while you beat it by shampoo when it away.

They realized the smooth finish according to finger without unusually creaking by the scalp shampoo.

Because there were many voices of customer, it produced pump size.

It is the product which shined in the best cosmetic second place in cosmetics, beauty word of mouth site @cosmetics of the biggest in Japan in the first half in 2013

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's
Sales Channel
Shop / Drug Store / EC Store / Salon

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