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Detergent for Food & Cookware

Remove residual agricultural chemicals, preservatives, wax etc from Vegetables and Fruits etc.
99% Bacteria Elimination = Reducing Risk of Food Poisoning
Safe and Secure = 100 natural scallop powder
Effective = Disinfect most bacteria
Economy = Put only 1 gram of this product into 1 liter of water

component : calcined shell calcium
contents volume : 100g

*Samples can be ordered from 1 or 2 pieces but the price will change, please enquire about small sample orders.
JPY 350 sample price based on order quantity of 96 pieces*

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Unique Selling Point

Entering container which is easy to use.
-Remove redsidual agricultural chemicals, preservatives from Vegetables and Fruits
- Reducing Risk of Food Poisoning (99% of Bacteria Elimination)
- Safe, Secure, Effective & Economy

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's / 50's / 60's
Man / Woman

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