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Gold-plated bookmarks (Standard design series)

Gold-plated bookmarks (Standard design series) are elaborately made by etching technology. Fallen leave, butterfly, birdcage and feather pen types are available.
Base material: Brass alloy.
Surface processing: 24K gold-plating.
Available color: Gold.
Thickness: 0.3mm.
Minimum quantity: Total100 pcs. (Each type: in the unit of 10 pcs.).
Sample quantity: 40 pcs.
Other series are also available.
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Unique Selling Point

Most bookmarks are made of paper, but our bookmarks are made of gold-plated brass alloy and suitable for gifts and decoration.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
5-10 / 10 / 20's / 30's / 40's / 50's / 60's
Man / Woman
Sales Channel
Shop / Department store / GMS / Select Shop / EC Store

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