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SaLafe Moisture

・Antiperspirant cream for face to suppress sweat.

How to use
・Take the coin-size of SaLafe Moisture Cream on finger-tip and apply on face skin.

Recommendations of timing to use
・Use it after washing face in the morning or after using milk lotion and use it before makeup. It can also be used over makeup during the day or in the evening.
・Recommended to use it when air is dry such as staying indoors with airconditioning.

Not edible. Keep away from children to avoid accidents.

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Unique Selling Point

Conventional antiperspirant products cover skin pores to block sweat coming out. SaLafe Moisture cream contains the medicinal ingredient “Zinc Phenolsulfonate” that helps suppress sweat. When sweat is blocked to come out from the skin, it causes sebum or dirt to accumulate inside the skin pore and even more, sometimes odors. SaLafe Moisture Cream not only helps to suppress sweat but also suppress causes of odors and other skin problems that conventional antiperspirant may have caused. Also, it helps moisturize skin. When using conventional antiperspirant products, skin tends to get dried. However, SaLafe Moisture Cream contains components of moisturizing the skin and prevent skin from drying, which causes skin issues such as wrinkles, skin pore expansion, pimples, etc.

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