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Pule Perl Bijou

A skin brightening cream with moisturizing, conditioning, deodorizing, etc. skin that can be used on all parts of the body including underarms, V-line, bust tops, etc. that most females care about.

How to use
・Take Pule Perl Bijou (cream) on hands and apply on parts of the body.
・Gently apply your fingers on the body parts

Recommendations of timing to use
・Twice a day in the morning and night.

・Not edible. Keep away from children.
・Make sure not to apply on eyes or any other sensitive parts of the body.
・If feeling any abnormalities, stop using it and see a doctor if necessary.

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Unique Selling Point

Pule Perl Bijou contains Fullerene, an ingredient supporting anti-oxidation and helps anti-aging. With the optimal amount included in the product, Pule Perl Bijou brightens skin of users and attracted them. Developed with professional quality, it is achieved with the satisfaction of many customers. Unlike Pule Perl, one of the skin brightening series we released that is mainly developed for underarms, Pule Perl Bijou is developed at a higher level than comprehensively can be used on all parts of the body including sensitive parts such as V-line, bust tops, elbow, etc.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

Age Group
20's / 30's / 40's / 50's / 60's
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EC Store

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