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DDS Matrix Eyelash Grow

An eyeliner care product. It can be used for the antiaging of eyeliner, which tends to become saggy or takes a burden because of makeup on eyelashes. Containing Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media extract, very effective on skincare, DDS Matrix Eyeliner not only serves as an eyeliner but also supports antiaging of skin around eyes.

Simply use it just like eyeliner.
Recommended using in the morning and night.
Use it after washing the face.

Recommended to be used with the same series product, DDS Matrix Eyeliner.

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Unique Selling Point

With word of mouth among users, DDS Matrix series became popular. Containing Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract, it became one of the best solutions for anti-aging skincare. Applying a special marketing strategy has increased the share in the Japanese market. For buyers interested and purchase the product, we are ready to share the strategy to win the share in the market.

Main target in Japan (Overseas)

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