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KIREI DE Placenta

Placenta effects beneficently for women

■Anti-inflammatory effect

■Anti-oxidative effect

■Improvement of blood circulation

■Moisturizing effect

■Menopausal disorder measures

■Cell renewal

■Collagen formation enhancer

Use a guide: drink 1 capsule per day

1 Box = 30 capsules
Sample 1 Box = 10 capsules

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Unique Selling Point

■Hokkaido thoroughbred placenta
■Placenta of 100% purity
■Placenta jointly developed with pharmaceutical companies

This supplement is made through Hokkaido thoroughbred placenta extract.
This process is also used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs and does not damage the growth factor and nutritional components contained in the thoroughbred placenta.

This supplement has been featured by many popular Japanese magazines have featured.
It is very popular and is the subject of conversation all over the country!

Placentas used by medical institutions.
Effects that can be expected are:
• whiter skin
• moisturization
• promotion of collagen growth
• anti-oxidization
• promotion of blood flow
• slowing of menopausal effects
• cell regeneration.

The unique smell of placenta has been sealed in through band sealing processing.
HPMC capsules (plant derived) are used.
The raw materials of the capsule and the caramel color are GMO-free and allergen-free.

Only the base powder of 100% pure placenta extracted via certain method is used.

This supplement uses thoroughbred placenta grown on contracted farms in Hokkaido.
Based on thorough management of pedigree, you need not have any worries about
hereditary disease or health issues.
The harvesting of the placenta is also managed by an expert veterinarian and,
as it is hygienically harvested, frozen immediately, and sent directly to the factory,
the supplement is also worry free in terms of traceability.

Compared with swine, where each one gives birth to ten to twelve offspring, horses only give
birth to one offspring.
Swine placenta is also thin, weighing about 3kg, on the other hand,
horse placenta weighs 7kg and is born in a solid state, as though it were a single organ.

Our products are safe and of the highest quality, and are produced in a factory
that is Japan GMP certified, having cleared strict product quality standards.
OEM purchases for Japanese produced horse placenta are also possible.
Please feel free to make inquiries.

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